A L E  M E D I N A

Is Victor Vildosola’s DJ Alter-Ego. Born in Chile and based in Brooklyn, New York. The artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and visualist, takes his style and live performances to a whole new level, sharing with us evidence of the borderless cultural journey he has traveled for years. Funk, Disco, Soul and House Music, are the main pillars that strongly build this new facet, and most importantly, they are the faithful influences and roots to his sound. 

In his live shows, the atmosphere and sonic textures he brings out, can make each attendee evoke a perfect underground party in New York City. 

With several productions and remixes over time, he has explored different scenarios in Chile, Mexico and New York City, USA.

Until this date, his presentations consider several of his home country's nightlife musts, such as Candelaria Bar, Moloko, Mapocho Bailable, Radio ZETA, Sublime Bar. in Mexico, he has worked remixing Torreblanca, Niña Dioz, and Mariel Mariel with live performances in the biggest venues in Mexico City like “Foro Condesa” and “Salón José Cuervo”. Now, back in the US, he's built a loyal public community at private events in great venues in New York City, with recent bookings for a cycle at “Hidden Lane Bar” and dates announced also at the legendary club "Rockwood Music Hall", a room that welcomes great exponents such as Lady Gaga or Billie Joe Armstrong.

It's time to let the House Music and Soulful mixes of Ale Medina take over your day-to-day, and even several nights, with happiness and good vibes as the fundamental basics, you're sure to grab more than one session and make it a companion of your own. 


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